In the last article of this series we talked about How to choose a hosting provider for your blog.

So before starting this tutorial I hope you have read the part-1 of this series and have created a hosting account.

In this tutorial we will install WordPress to start our blog using cpanel and softaculus.

Once you have loged in into your hosting account go to Cpanel and follow the steps. Cpanel is pretty popular hence there is a good chance that your hosting provider is using Cpanel.

If not then still most of the hosting providers provide Softaculus Installer. So, find softaculus and follow the steps given below.

Step – 1: Open CPanel


Your Cpanel will look something like the picture above. This is the admin area using which you manages your website’s backend activities.

Step – 2: Find Softaculus


Scroll down a little and under the “Software” category you will find “Softaculous Apps Installer” using this we can install 100’s of scripts on our server but for the sake of this tutorial we will install WordPress. Now click on “Softaculous Apps Installer” .

Step – 3: Select WordPress


Once you click on Softaculus then you will be redirected to a page will show you a list of apps which can be installed.

At the top of the list you will find WordPress. It is highlighted in the above picture. Select it

Step – 4: Installing WordPress


Now you will see the info page of WordPress. From here we can install WordPress.

Click on “Install Now” and our installation will begin.

Step – 5: Choose a Protocol


Now choose the protocol that you want to use with your website.

If you have activated a SSL certificate on your website then choose “https” or if you haven’t then choose”http

Step – 6: Choose your site Identity


Scroll down and you will find two forms asking for your website name and description.

Now fill your website name and description wisely. You can always change them both later from the menu in WordPress however I recommand you to choose your site name according to your domain name.

Step – 7:Setup Admin Credentials


Now select your admin Username and Password

Never use a common password or your website will be hacked within few days of creation. Use any password manager to generate a strong password.

A;so read: How to install linux on android

Choose an admin Email which you can always access your Gmail will do the task or alternatively you can create an Email from your domain.

Step – 8: Select a theme


Now select a theme which you think would be good for your blog additionaly you can choose to install plugin “Loginizer” which will save your site from bruteforce attacks.

Step – 9: Finalalize installation


After selecting your theme re-check everything and when you are sure that you made no mistakes then hit the Install button.

Step – 10: Launching our website


Congratulations WordPress has been installed. And our website has been launched now visit your domain followed by /wp-admin

For exapmle if your domain is “” then type “” in your browser. It will take you to your website’s admin page where you can publish posts or customize your website.

Wordpress website

This is what your website will look after creation.

Now installation of our blog is finally complete however we are still missing some essential features of WordPress which we will cover in the next tutorial of this series.

So, stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter and enjoy 🙂

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