Did you saw an amazing blog today and is fascinated by how much views and praise the blogger is getting on social media.

Also you are curious that the blogger is earning his living from the very blogs he is writing.

And now you are dreaming about starting a blog of your own. Either as a hobby or for earning the money.

But didn’t know how to start and where to start from.

If so, then well here you are searching for how to start a blog on the internet but now worry no more as in this series of tutorials we will cover from scratch on How to start a blog and will take it to advance.

Follow along this series of tutorial to start your very own blog career from scratch. To get notified of next parts of this tutorial series coming soon you may subscribe through the form at the bottom of the page or check this website in a day or two. 🙂

Getting a web hosting…

wordpress hosting

Well now as you have made your mind and want to start your blog right now. Our real challenge is getting a web host which can provide us with a good hosting service for our blog.

A hosting provider provides us with a computer that keeps running for us 24/7 and serves our website to the visitors.As we ourself can’t keep running our PC 24/7 then we have to purchase a plan from a hosting provider or use a low quality free plan.

There are two types of hosting provided one is free while the other is paid. it sounds fair to get a free plan, right?

Not actually, becuase free and paid hosting plans differ a lot from each other as the resources in a free plan are very limited.

Some free hosting providers either limit your disk limit or inode usage, while some either limit your bandwidth and some limit the amount of ram you could use.

So i advice you to purchase premium hosting from a top quality hosting provider company untill and unless you are just experimenting and is okay with a free but limited plan.

Choosing a Hosting provider

  ifastnet hosting

Now if you want to go with a free hosting plan then make a account at infinityfree.net they provide good features for your experimental blog like unlimited disk space and 50000 views per month.

And if you want to go with a premium plan then i highly recommand you to buy a plan from IFastNet.com as they provide the best plans compared to their price.

start a WordPress blog

You can buy cheap plans starting from $4.99 per month but if you search the web then you can find IFastNet coupens which can get you a discount of $2 or more.

Unlike other hosting providers where you have to pay for an whole Year at once you can pay monthly for your Super premium plan which is just $4.99

Yeah yeah I know that other hosting providers also provide pay-per-month plans. However, they charge you more for their monthly plans. For example, if their yearly plan cost $120 then their their monthly plan costs $15 a month.

Besides if you subscribe for any premium plan at IFastNet then you also get a free domain for a year and other 6 free sub-domains.

More RAM, Unlimited disk space 200 G.B bandwidth per month and a cloudflare plan for free which would have otherwise cost you $200

IFastNet is a sponser of Let’s Encrypt so you will get a free SSl certificate for whole life which means your website will get the green lock and will be trusted by users.

Choosing a CMS

What is a CMS? A CMS is a content management system using which we can manage our blog, add new posts, advertise, install new plugins, add new themes etc…

A CMS will allow us to manage our blog without much effort.


There are houndreds of CMS’ availabel on the web however the most famous one are WordPress and Joomla.

wordpress blog

To your surprise almost 30% of the web is powered by WordPress and there are tons of plugins and themes availabe for wordpress.

So, for the sake of this series of tutorials we will be using WordPress as it outstand any other CMS avilable on the web. It’s free and open-source so there will be no extra charge installing wordpress..

Now what?

That’s it for this tutorial now in next tutorial we will set up and install wordpress and will launch our website.

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