Install linux on android| No root | No Termux

Termux is probably the best way to install linux on android but for some reasons termux could be a real headache for newbies and learners.

It provides with an option to install different linux distros like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Cent OS, Kali Linux, Parrot OS and many more using third party apps.

It also enables the user to install as many operating systems as they want without any trouble.

However, setting up distros in termux this way is quite a bit headache for newcomers to linux or termux. This is specifically because in order to install linux through termux requires you to install third party app which will provide you with commands to download the distro on termux and then set it up.

And at the last step you will have to install a Graphical enviornment such as xface and have to set-up a vnc server as well as a vnc viewer on your android device in order to access the system graphically.

This sounds easy but could be tricky for newbies as well as for those who face a problem of slow network connection.

As, in total about 1800 megabytes will be consumed for this whole set-up and there is a good chance that your file download in between transfer and results to a corrupt distro.

To solve this issue I found a pretty good app on play store which does not require you to set up this all but instead installs linux on your device with a one click and in just 180 megabytes.

Debian no root can be easily installed from play store. This app installs Debian linux distro on your device with a single click and provides you with some extraordinary features wich are not availabe in termux distros.

Termux lacks the feature of a software centre. However Debian no root provides you with a feature to install apt-store from within the os to download your required softwares easily.

And the best part is this app is light weight and does not require third party apps to function. It doesn’t eat up your ram and can be downloaded from the Google Playstore easily in just 180 mb.

Download the app from PlayStore by clicking below

debian no root on linux