How to Install Linux on ThinkPad x1 Carbon?

This guide will show you how to download and install Linux on ThinkPad x1 Carbon. We will also talk about the basic necessary configurations for its installation. The latest version of Lenovo is one of the most powerful ultra pro books of this year, and it received a lot of appreciation from the Linux community. […]


How to Install Linux on Chromebook 11?

Chromebooks are awesome, aren’t they? You would be well aware of their user accessibility easiness if you’re a user like me. They are in a fair price range and loved by the Chromebook community. The latest Chromebook 11 has many exciting features, such as extensive 16 GB DDR3 RAM, an 11.6-inch touch screen that is […]


How to Setup and Create IPsec VPN Server on Linux?

Having your own VPN can be very useful in business situations where you need as much control as possible over the data that travels through it. On Linux, we have several efficient solutions that can help us to set it up without too much trouble. Today, we will talk about how to set up an […]


How to Setup and Connect IPsec VPN Client on Linux?

Creating a VPN server has many advantages, especially in business situations where tight control over network resources is required. Once the server is set up, we now have the task of connecting a client to the VPN on Linux. In summary, in this post, you will learn how to connect an IPsec VPN client on […]


How to Install Linux on your Dell XPS 15?

Dell is one of the best-known manufacturers with a long history of creating computers for a variety of purposes. Traditionally, Dell has sold computers with proprietary software, but for some time now it has started to look favorably on Linux. So, is it possible to install Linux on Dell XPS 15? In this post, we […]


Install Linux on Surface Go 2

The Surface Go 2 has earned its place as one of the best devices Microsoft has ever released. We are talking about a tablet—laptop with professional capabilities and a beautiful design. In this post, we’ll tell you how it works and if it’s feasible to do so. What is the Microsoft Surface Go 2? The […]


How to Install Linux on Surface Pro 8?

Currently, the portability of devices is the key. Therefore, those devices that combine portability with lightness are the ones that get all the applause from the public. One example of this is the Surface Pro brought to us by Microsoft, which comes with Windows as its operating system. But is installing Linux on it an […]


What are the Things to do After Installing Linux Mint?

Linux Mint is one of the most popular and flexible Linux distributions available. Based on Ubuntu, provides us with an incredible amount of software that we can take advantage of on the system. But, we can always improve it and customize it to our liking. That’s why today we present to you some things to […]


How to Fix Linux Mint Running in Software Rendering Mode?

Linux Mint is an operating system derived from Ubuntu, so it is quite solid and stable. However, in some circumstances, it can cause hardware-related errors, for example with the graphics card. In these cases, Linux Mint displays the error or warning “Linux Mint running in software rendering mode”. So, what does this mean? Is it […]


Pop!_OS and Linux Mint Comparison

Ubuntu derivatives are generally characterized by being easy to use and focused on the novice user who wants to be productive in Linux. Today, we will analyze two of the best Linux distributions that exist, which by the way are Ubuntu derivatives. In this post, we will do a sort of Pop!_OS vs Linux Mint […]

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