Install and use Outline VPN on Linux

Outline VPN is an open-source VPN software created by Google. It uses Shadowscoks protocol and has a faster speed than OpenVPN. Outline client supports all major platforms, including Linux, Android, macOS, iOS and Windows. It is available free of cost, and the source code is available for public review on Github. In contrast to other […]

How to use Warpinator on Android with Linux Mint 21?

Warpinator is a tool to transfer files across the local network over WiFi. It is developed and managed by the Linux Mint team. It is specifically developed for Linux Mint and is installed by default on the system, or you can install it from the system repository as an Apt package. sudo apt install warpinator […]

How to install Vim Inspired Electron Browser (VIEB) on Linux

Vieb is an Electron based web browser inspired by Vim. It is highly inspired by the Vim text editor on Linux. You operate the Vieb browser in the same way you use Vim. It is minimalistic, lightweight, and easy to use. Vieb runs in its separate window and features a minimal UI. However, you can completely control […]

How to install the latest Nvidia Drivers in Linux Mint?

This article will show you how to install the latest Nvidia Drivers in Linux Mint. Linux Mint comes with an intelligent driver manager to automatically identify and install required drivers. This includes both proprietary and open-source drivers. However, you still need to install those drivers manually. You can install the latest Nvidia drivers in Linux […]

Download Stacer for Linux Ubuntu and Linux Mint – Optimize Linux

Stacer is an amazing tool for Linux system monitoring and optimizing. It is a multi utility tool with features that allows you to easily manager your Linux system. Stacer is free and open source (Foss) and you can install it from the software manager of your system or via using PPA which ships the latest […]

How to Enable Snap Store in Linux Mint 21 [Solved]

The Snap Store, also known as the Ubuntu Store, is a commercial centralized software store operated by Canonical. Similar to AppImage or Flatpak the Snap Store provides up to date software no matter what version of Linux you are running and how old your libraries are. You can easily install applications via Snap store and […]

How to install Telegram on Linux?

Telegram is a cross-platform cloud-based instant messaging, video calling, and VoIP service. It allows you to easily send messages to other peers connected with telegram with real-time synchronization between different devices. The Telegram client for Linux is available in the official repository and is open source. You can easily install telegram with one single command. […]

The best tool to cast your android to Linux – Scrcpy

Cast your Android screen to Linux using Scrcpy. You can use both USB and WiFi connection to cast your Android on Linux. Scrcpy is very easy to use and configure

How to use Tor as a proxy in Linux mint 21 and Ubuntu LTS

Tor by default provides a SOCKS5 proxy that you can use without even opening Tor browser. Configure Tor proxy in Linux mint and Ubuntu in this article.

How To Screen share with AnyDesk on Linux and Ubuntu 20

Control your PC remotely or help a friend using Anydesk on Linux. It allows you to easily control a computer remotely or share your own screen with somebody.

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