What are the Things to do After Installing Linux Mint?

Linux Mint is one of the most popular and flexible Linux distributions available. Based on Ubuntu, provides us with an incredible amount of software that we can take advantage of on the system. But, we can always improve it and customize it to our liking. That’s why today we present to you some things to […]

Best live wallpaper software for Linux

The best thing about Linux is that it lets you personalize your system as much as you want and as much as you can. This is one of the many reasons why people love Linux and can not even imagine going back to Windows or any other operating system. You can customize almost everything in […]

How to Type in Hindi or any other language in Linux mint?

A few days ago I urgently needed to type in Hindi on my Linux mint desktop, however I was unable to figure this out, I also checked in “Languages” under settings and installed the required language pack. Even after that I did not get any option to type in Hindi. My other option was to […]

install updates in linux mint

How to Install Updates in Linux mint

Installation of software updates are very important in every operating system. Either it is Linux mint or Windows, updates are very necessary to keep yourself safe from malicious attackers and bugs that could break your system. Updating software allows you to enjoy the latest features and prevents others from exploiting you based on the bugs […]

Install themes in Linux mint – All possible ways.

Install new and awesome themes in Linux mint using these ways. Gnome-look and cinnamon-look provides the best theming and customization features.