How to Install Linux on ThinkPad x1 Carbon?

This guide will show you how to download and install Linux on ThinkPad x1 Carbon. We will also talk about the basic necessary configurations for its installation. The latest version of Lenovo is one of the most powerful ultra pro books of this year, and it received a lot of appreciation from the Linux community. It’s current Gen, and there are a lot of great things that come with this refreshed model. Now, without further ado, let us give you a brief

What is Linux?

You have heard about Linux before. It is a virtual open-source operating system. It was released in 1991 by Linus Torvalds and thus got its name from its developer. Its primary role is to establish the communication between the software and Hardware. Linux has its codebase.

Difference Between Linux and Windows

Linux is a cost-free operating system, whereas Windows is a well-established commercial brand. Linux users have access to its source code and can alter it accordingly, whereas operating systems lack this feature.

Advantages of Using Linux

Following are the few advantages of using Linux on your Thinkpad.

  • Provides ease in downloading themes for your laptop.
  • Uses low memory.
  • Has many useful tools which aid automatically in fixing various issues.
  • Provides a great user experience.

First Step Towards Installing Linux on your Thinkpad

There are respective pros and cons when it comes to selecting your favorite Linux from its distro. Right after the success of its release, Linux OS Kernel was quickly adapted and modified by coders all over the world. So you guessed right, it evolved. The result? Now you can select your desired one from dozens of Linux variations. Each has its pros and cons. Some of the most popular distros are given below.

  • Mx Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Mint
  • Manjaro
  • Arch
  • Garuda
  • Pop!_OS

Although all of them are popular choices among users, we highly recommend Mx Linux and Linux Mint distributions.

After selecting your desired variation of Linux, let’s come to its installation part.

One Final Note Before Installation:

If you’re planning to replace Windows with Linux, save your Windows original product key or purchase information just in case you decide to use Windows again in the future.

Can You Install Linux on your Lenovo Thinkpad x1 Carbon?

By booting your system, you can successfully install Linux on your Thinkpad x1 Carbon. To boot your system, you must first identify the source, which can be either a USB drive or a DVD. However, we recommend using a USB drive as it is a better and more reliable option. Here are a few steps by which you can successfully install Linux on your Thinkpad.

  1. Restart your laptop.
  2. Press F1 to run BIOS.
  3. Go to the boot menu.
  4. Now select a USB drive.

You may select your installation from there. Once you are done with the installation, remove the installation media. From there, your system will automatically boot to Linux, or it can perform a dual boot (upon your wish).

De-Activate Secure Mode

You may face this issue if you already have windows installed on your Thinkpad. You can go to windows help window to troubleshoot it. Most Linux distributions are compatible with this feature, but if you face some issues, you can deactivate this feature.

Selecting Language

Upon installation, select your desired language. This part isn’t necessary as you can also change the language later.

Select the Target Installation

You can choose the following target destinations for installing Linux on your Thinkpad.

  • Now select the destination where you want to install Linux.
  • You will get two more options on the installation wizard. One is encrypting Linux, which will manage data on your hard drive much more effectively. The other one is Dual booting with Windows, which helps in installation more effectively without any possible errors. We will explain below how this works. If you are interested in this method, keep reading.

Disclaimer: If you select a full drive, then that will erase all the existing data on the drive. So backup your data beforehand.

How does the Dual Boot Windows Method Work?

You can enjoy Linux on your Thinkpad even if you have Windows installed on your laptop. But this method can cause permanently erase your existing data, so make sure to have a backup before starting.

  • To do so, select the “something else” option. This option will create partitions of the disk.
  • Continue with it if you are okay with it

Creating Partitions

  • That requires rooting your machine.
  • Create a root partition to get started.
  • Then select a “free space” option, and click on “+.”
  • Then decide how much space you want to have a partition. (The recommended amount is 20GB).
  • The “Use as” file should look like this: “Ext4 file journaling system”. And for the mounting part, it should be “/”.

Create a Swap Partition

The next step requires creating a swap partition, which you can do alone without assistance. The only thing that requires is sufficient RAM and the ideal requirement to create a swap partition is 8 GB. Lenovo Thinkpad is well equipped with 16 GB of RAM. After that, the next step is to create the home partition.

Create a Home Partition

A home partition is where you keep all your files and personal data, so it has to be big. Maximize it as much as ideally possible.

After creating all the above partitions,  click on the install button to proceed with installing Linux on your Lenovo Thinkpad x1 Carbon. Now moving to the next final step.

Identify login Credentials, select the correct Timezone and Your Keyboard Layout

First, I must thank you for being patient and reading this far. I am glad you have made it this far. This will be your final step before celebrating your victory regarding installing your favorite Linux on your Thinkpad x1 carbon. Moving to our final step of this guide, after the installation, the following options will appear from where you can choose your time zone and add your login credentials and select your keyboard layout. After you finish it, restart your laptop and enjoy the incredible Linux OS on your Lenovo Thinkpad x1 Carbon!