Firefox on Linux Mint: Everything You Need to Know

Firefox is regarded to be among the ideal browsers for Linux Mint for a number of reasons. For starters, it is free and open-source. What’s more, it is highly secure and offers a number of features that help in the privacy protection of users. Not only that, it is highly flexible to use, and users […]


How To Install PulseAudio Equalizer on Linux Mint?

Learn the basics of how you can install the PulseAudio Equalizer on Linux Mint in this guide. Linux is a very good system and is widely used all over the world. It works exceptionally well for home appliances, servers, network file systems, routers, and switches. It’s trustworthy and works effectively well without any issues. Linux […]


All You Need to Know About sudo rm -rf

Technology and science are progressing rapidly at the present age and doing wonders. It makes everything easy and comfortable for everyone. Technology is a blessing and evil at the same time. There are several operating systems working in the universe, and each of them has unique and salient features. These operating systems made life easy, […]


How to Fix ‘Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend’ in Linux Mint?

Hello, friends. APT is Linux Mint’s package manager, a utility with which we can install programs on the system. However, there are occasions when we may encounter errors when running it. Today, I will show you how to fix ‘Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend’ in Linux Mint. What is APT? APT stands for Advanced Package […]


How To Watch TV Channels on Linux Mint or Ubuntu for Free?

This article hints at the different TV channels on Linux Mint or Ubuntu apps and all the related info you want to know. When it comes to entertainment, TV channel streaming is a sure way to get all your serotonin boost. While there are different available TV channel apps that you can stream on your […]


4 Best Antivirus for Linux Mint to Enhance Security

Antivirus for Linux Mint: Among the famous topics of discussion in different operating systems is regarding which kind of operating system is superior to others in terms of security. Without a doubt, Linux is regarded as the superior operating system in terms of security. Therefore, it has a rising base of the user. In the […]


Is Linux Mint Good for Old Computers?

Mint is accessible using different options for interface including Xfce, KDE, MATE, and Cinnamon. However, Xfce is considered a good selection for old computers because of its lightweight. It makes it able to run smoothly on hardware that is slow. Can Linux Run Good on Old Devices? If by chance you own a computer or […]


Kodi on Linux Mint – How To Install It?

Kodi is considered an open-source theater software for adults with the purpose of entertainment. In this article, you will be informed on how to install Kodi on Linux Mint machine, what is Kodi Flathub, how to have a full session of entertainment on your computer, and many more. What is Kodi Flathub? Kodi is a […]


VLC for Linux Mint: All You Need to Know

In this blog post, we will explain the VLC for Linux Mint. The topics covered include installation, basic usage, settings, how to update it, and other useful information. VLC is considered an open-source as well as a free cross-platform media player, which has been created through the organization of VideoLAN non-profit organization. The media player […]


How to Kill Process in Linux [Beginner’s Guide]

We’ve all been there. You are using your computer or smartphone, and suddenly it just doesn’t want to work right. Maybe it crashes when you click on something. Or maybe you try to access a website, but instead of loading the page, you just get a blank screen. Luckily, you can kill process in Linux […]

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